Monday, April 26, 2010

5 steps to happier students

Interesting article from Shine magazine (April 2010|Issue 03)
happy reading...

Here are key tips for teachers to build positive relationships for student learning and wellbeing.

Connect (building rapport)
* greet students by name
* find out the interests of each student
* chat outside the class

Respect (valuing)
* take students seriously
* value your students' experiences
* involve students in decision making

Understand (empathising)
* listen closely to students
* see situation from a student's perpective
* think about how a student feels
* know the stories of your students' live

Support (helping)
* be available
* offer help when you think a students has a problem
* help students to develop strategies and access further support

Feedback (reinforcing expectations of success)
* help students to develop goals and timelines
* acknowledge effort
* acknowledge each student's strengths