Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Concept (Reflection)

One of the concepts that were thought in GJIS is REFLECTION.. We are expecting students
to be aware about many aspect of their learning experiences.

Here are some information about "reflection concept from the Making PYP Happen book.

Key question
How do we know?

The understanding that there are different ways of knowing, and that it
is important to reflect on our conclusions, to consider our methods of
reasoning, and the quality and the reliability of the evidence we have

This concept was selected for a series of interrelated reasons. It challenges
the students to examine their evidence, methods and conclusions. In doing
so, it extends their thinking into the higher order of metacognition, begins
to acquaint them with what it means to know in different disciplines, and
encourages them to be rigorous in examining evidence for potential bias or
other inaccuracy.

Examples of related concepts
Review, interpretation, evidence, responsibility, behaviour.

Few weeks ago as a reflection of our field trip to Fatahillah and Wayang Museums, Year 2 students reflect their learning experienced using 6 thinking hats.

The hats are:
RED HAT (Feelings)

How do I feel about this?

What do I like about the idea?

What don’t I like about this?

WHITE HAT (Information)

What information do I have?

What are the facts?

What information do I need?

What do I want to KNOW?

YELLOW HAT (Benefits)

What are the good points?

Why can this be done?

Why is this a good thing

BLACK HAT (Judgement)

What is wrong with this?

Will this work?

Is it safe?

Can it be done?

GREEN HAT (Creativity)

What new ideas are possible?

What is my suggestion?

Can I create something new?

BLUE HAT (Thinking about thinking)

What thinking is needed?

Where are we now?

What is the next step?

Here are samples of Year 2 students reflection using the 6 thinking hats

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